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Municipal Land Survey Services

Municipal Topographical Land Survey

Cedar Creek can provide a detailed and accurate base map (paper and digital) for the design of new buildings, infrastructure and landscaping. In addition, we will also provide a 3D digital elevation model of the existing grounds surface for engineering and volume calculation needs.


Construction Staking

Laying out the map for your success. Cedar Creek Surveying can stake rough grades, road center lines, underground sewer and water main, final grades, curbing, sidewalks, parking lots, building foundations, indoor building structures, and anything else shown on your construction plans that you need accurately located.

Subdivision Plats & Land Divisions

Subdividing property comes with many challenges, we can provide initial design and planning services to explore the feasibility of your project. Depending on the number of lots to create and the size of the property, we will propose a Subdivision Plat or Certified Survey Map.

Subdivision Plats

If your property is going to be divided into more than four lots as a subdivision plat, we will create a topographical map of the site and survey the overall boundary. We will also represent the developer at the municipality planning meetings for subdivision approval, if requested. We will provide infrastructure staking of the subdivision, including the grades, roads and utilities. We also set the final lot corners and provide final plats for recording.

Certified Survey Maps

We can in some cases create the land divisions using a Certified Survey Map, if you are proposing four or less resulting lots. The process of using a Certified Survey Map to create smaller land divisions is, generally, simpler process than creating a full subdivision plat. During your initial consultation, we will explore which option is better suited to your project and land. We can provide many of the same services that we offer for subdivision plats including; working with the governing municipality to obtain approval for the land divisions, provide final plats for recording and set the final lot corners.


Zoning Wall Maps & Utility Drawings

For municipal mapping and plotting services, please visit Technical Assistance Company, also owned by Cedar Creek Surveying.


We can collect utility and base map information and provide shape files to append to your existing Geodatabase or we can create a new working Geographic Information System, or GIS, for your municipality. Have confidence in your GIS data, know that it has been collected with survey-grade procedures for accuracy. Also know that the attribute data in the database has been thoroughly reviewed for quality.

Easements & Right-Of-Ways

Whether it is creating new easements and right-of-ways or vacating old right-of-ways, we provide quality maps, exhibits, and legal descriptions for the process. We work with your attorney to draft the language to accompany the easement at recording.

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